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Playing Poker on the Internet

With the hype of the big tournaments like the word series of poker and other big events many players have flooded to Internet poker sites over the last 4-5 years. A lot of people just jump in and start playing on one of the big sites without realising the added bonuses and extras they could be getting before doing a bit of research first.

The problem is that most people do not know about these extras and just go in and sign up from the main website and may be getting an unfair deal. For instance rake back, this is way of getting back some of the money the poker room takes from each pot. Full Tilt for example offer rake back but to get it you have to go through a rake back provider. If you sign up on their site you will not be able to get rake back there as all.

Most sites offer these types of incentives, some times they come in the form of bonuses or VIP schemes. This is a great way to boost your initial bankroll, you can just go from one site to another and finally settle on a poker room you like that has a good incentive scheme. before picking a rake back provider make sure you check Google and look for reviews to make sure they are a genuine site with good support. There are many poker forums on the internet and it would be wise to join one and ask all the questions you have before signing up.…

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