Poker Book

Poker Book Review – Rolf Slotboom – Secrets of Professional Pot Limit Omaha Rolf Slotboom is a well respected poker player and author, with a large amount of experience and cashes in live tournaments around the globe. He has written a number of books on poker, has a column in CardPlayer, and is editor of

Stud Poker

Poker : Caribbean Stud Poker Caribbean Upright Salamander was introductory introduced to casinos in 1988 from the Caribbean Island of Island. Today, most every cassino carries Sea Constellate Poker for it’s players. In my opinion, its so touristed because it is the no. cards brave to love a bet that can be won with just

Playing Poker

Playing Poker on the Internet With the hype of the big tournaments like the word series of poker and other big events many players have flooded to Internet poker sites over the last 4-5 years. A lot of people just jump in and start playing on one of the big sites without realising the added